A 'Request for Information' from the AAPA Register is available to anyone with an interest in specific areas of land or sea in the Northern Territory.

The Authority can provide abstracts of information to advise the public where sacred sites are known to exist so that they are not inadvertently damaged. However, a ‘Request for Information’ is not a definitive way of determining the location of all sacred sites in a given area and only indicates sacred sites currently known to the AAPA. Only the comprehensive work of an Authority Certificate can fully map the relevant sacred sites.

A ‘Request for Information’ does not protect the applicant from prosecution if a site is damaged or trespassed upon. Only an Authority Certificate can provide legal protection.

All Aboriginal sacred sites are protected under the provisions of the Northern Territory Aboriginal Sacred Sites Act, not just sites registered or recorded by the Authority.


Step 2. Create an account or log in on the AAPA Online Login

Step 3. Complete the application and submit.

Sampe Request for Info map