Aboriginal custodians may apply to have their sacred sites registered under Part III Division 2 of the Sacred Sites Act.  

A registered sacred site is given the highest protection in the NT. 

While all sacred sites are protected in the Northern Territory, registering a sacred site establishes its status with comprehensive information required by law, and makes it easier to prosecute any offences committed in relation to that site. Registration of a sacred site by the Board of the Authority is considered as proof in a court of law that a place is indeed a Sacred Site.

As a custodian of a sacred site, you can request site registration, and the Authority will then conduct additional research as required into the site to determine the location, extent and significance of the site.  In accordance with the NT Aboriginal Sacred Sites Act, the Authority ensures that detailed documentation about specific sacred sites is recorded and that landowners are given an opportunity to comment.  The AAPA Board will then consider the site registration request.

Secret and sensitive material about the site is protected and not made available to the public.

If the Authority Board approves the registration of a sacred site, the Authority restricts who can read and use the custodian’s information about sacred sites.  A short story about the sacred site, which is called a Register Extract, and a map of the site are put on the Authority’s Public Register. 

How to register a site

You can call AAPA in Darwin on 8999 4332 or Alice Springs on 8951 5023